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Natalie Zoghby

Goddess Sketch #10

Goddess Sketch #10

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Nine Muses with this unique piece from the Goddess Painting Series by artist Natalie Zoghby.

This mixed media Goddess Sketch beautifully captures the essence of strength and creativity through a fusion of acrylic paint, gold leaf, and marker.

This piece is a vibrant celebration of feminine power, measuring 5x7 inches on paper and elegantly mounted on an 8x10 foam board. The choice of acrylics in a palette inspired by interior design trends, coupled with delicate gold leaf accents, adds a touch of sophistication to the artwork.

Versatile and ready to enhance any space, the Goddess Sketch is conveniently sized for easy display. Whether you hang it as-is or frame it to match your decor, this piece is a delightful addition to your art collection.

Created by the talented artist Natalie Zoghby, this Goddess Sketch is not just a painting but a visual ode to the strength and beauty inherent in every woman.

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